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From Our Partners

Partnerships are the key to success, especially in an era of limited resources for an issue that transcends jurisdictional boundaries.


"Region 3 of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service enjoys a continuing partnership with Bat Conservation International (BCI). BCI's Subterranean Program provides field data derived from internal underground surveys that identifies critical bat habitat in abandoned mines. Our partnership has to date protected the public from the hazards of hundreds of abandoned mines while preserving valuable bat habitat."

Ralph J. Costa, P.E. USFS Region 3 AML Coordinator

“BCI facilitated an unprecedented meeting that got Rio Tinto Minerals, the National Park Service and State Department of Conservation together. We discovered that we all had the same goals—an inventory of abandoned mines in Death Valley. Several weeklong trips ensued where we visited sites and made plans. One site was determined to be an excellent habitat for pallid bats and Rio Tinto was happy to match funds from BCI to install the gate. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Mike Rauschkolb, Project Manager, Rio Tinto Minerals


“Just got my copies of the "Managing Abandoned Mines for Bats" manual and it is very good. In fact, it's the first real, practical guidance that I've seen over the years. Thanks for such a fine job - this is one publication that we will actually be using.”

Chris Ross, Bureau of Land Management


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Last Updated: Monday, 22 July 2013
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