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Southern Yellow Bat - Lasiurus egaOur 2015 scholarships and grassroot grants programs open soon. We support conservation projects worldwide - start your application today! 


Project Edubat Inspires Kids to Learn about Bats and White-Nose Syndrome

Children look at a bat skeletonSamantha became a bat crusader after her mother discovered Project Edubat, a newly launched bat education program.           


Deadly White-Nose Syndrome Impacts Bats at Mammoth Cave National Park

Northern long-eared bat with visible symptoms of white-nose syndrome.Some bat species have declined as much as 80 percent compared to 2013 population counts, according to park officials.


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Marketing and Communication Internship

Honduran White Bat - Ectophylla albaDo you love to tell the world how wonderful and important bats are? Are you a communications or marketing student? Apply for our internship!


BCI urges San Antonio to continue aquifer protection

Crescent Hills tract, land bought by BCI adjacent to Bracken Cave San Antonio to give voters the chance to renew highly successful aquifer protection programs.                                                      


New protective rule proposed for the northern long-eared bat

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has released proposed new protections for the northern long-eared bat, Myotis septentrionalis. The USFWS is currently considering


Canada adds Three Bat Species to Endangered List

The Government of Canada has added three species of bats to the List of Wildlife Species at Risk in Canada (also known as Schedule I of the Species at Risk Act) as Endangered due to the threat of White-nose Syndrome


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