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Bracken Cave Preserve Update

Talks begin on a possible solution; see the latest video and article at www.news4sanantonio.com.
Our efforts to protect the bats of Bracken Cave from a proposed housing development are showing early hints of progress. Since the successful City Hall meeting in San Antonio on May 29th, Bat Conservation International and representatives of Galo Properties have begun discussing options for the proposed Crescent Hills subdivision. Both parties are eager to find win-win solutions, and the possibility of purchasing and protecting the 1,550-acre tract is high on the list.

Acquiring this property would not only protect the flight path of millions of bats at Bracken and minimize the potential for human-bat interactions, it would also conserve a habitat of the endangered Golden Cheeked Warbler and add to the protection of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. Combining Galo's property with the Bracken Cave Preserve and other protected lands in the area would create nearly 5,000 acres of contiguous park and preserve land.

But we still have a long way to go. One major challenge: a combination of public and private investment will be required to raise sufficient funds for the purchase. What can you do? Donate to BCI and urge City, County and State officials to help us protect this important landscape. 

mayorjuliancastro@sanantonio.gov   District1@sanantonio.gov   District2@sanantonio.gov   District3@sanantonio.gov   District4@sanantonio.gov   District5@sanantonio.gov District6@sanantonio.gov District7@sanantonio.gov District8@sanantonio.gov District9@sanantonio.gov District10@sanantonio.gov rrodriguez@vitanavis.com

Also, check out our Facebook page, and Twitter (@Batconintl) for updates on how you can help. And don't forget to share, share, share!

Thank you for your continued support in protecting the Bracken Cave bats. 


Andrew Walker Executive Director

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Last Updated: Friday, 16 August 2013
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