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Ten reasons why bats are a lot cooler than you think

A group of federal agencies want to let you in on a little secret: Bats are freaking rock stars A group of federal agencies want to let you in on... Read More

Working the Night Shift

Bats Play an Important Role in Pollinating Crops Most people associate pollination with bees and birds but often forget the work of their furry... Read More

New Video Provides Amazing Look In Bat Roost

New Video Provides Amazing First Look Inside Endangered Bat’s Only Documented Natural Roost.  The discovery of a rare Florida bonneted... Read More

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Love tequila, love pollinating bats!

Do you enjoy tequila? Then you need to raise your glass to the pollinating bats that helped to make it! Here at Smithsonian Science we are celebrating Pollinator Week by exploring the world of pollinating bats.

Bat Women of Panama
World's largest bat colony
The Scary American Bat Die-Off
Bat Emotion

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