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July 2005, Volume 3, Number 7
Checkout Our Shopping Cart

Our new shopping cart

Our new online catalog at Batcatalog.com, which launched this year, provides many new functions to improve your shopping experience. We hope you like the new design, and more importantly, all the new features our new shopping cart at batcatalog.com has to offer.

The I.T. team at BCI is very aware of the importance of the 'pleasant online shopping experience' we all hope to have when shopping on the internet - hence our remodeled shopping cart. Much thought has gone into its design and functionality. And don't forget, BCI members receive a 10% discount!

Not a BCI member? No problem. You can even buy a membership while shopping and receive the 10% discount on the same order!

New features include :

- ability to save your order and buy later

- live UPS shipping tracking

- automated confirmation emails of order status change

- variety of ways to pay, including Paypal

We sell everything! Books...DVD's...Bat Houses...Kids Stuff...Great Gift Ideas...

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*All profits from Batcatalog.com go towards Bat Conservation*

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Checkout Our Shopping Cart
We hope you like the new look! We are going through many new-media changes at the moment, and a new Newsletter was just one of ...

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