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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 18, NO. 1 Spring 2000

A Colorful Future
McCabe, Sara

Dear Reader,

In spring 1990, BATS magazine made the transition from a black and-white 16-page newsletter to a 20-page magazine with a color cover. Now, 10 years later, we have taken the next step forward by adding color throughout. You will no longer need to use your imagination when an author describes the golden highlights on a Rodrigues fruit bat or the camouflage of a yellow bat’s fur against faded palm fronds. It is our great pleasure now to bring you the bats of the world in all their splendor.

To better showcase the photos, we have adopted a new format. We hope you like it, and I personally welcome your comments (see address on opposite page).

Our heartfelt thanks go to Thomas Graphics of Austin, Texas, BCI’s primary printer, who has generously agreed to work in partnership with us to cover the costs of color printing for the next year.

Looking forward to a colorful future together, we thank you for your continuing commitment to bats!

Sara McCabe


BCI’s longtime print representative, Bill Waller, joins editor Sara McCabe in checking a freshly printed page just off the press at Thomas Graphics.
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