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VOLUME 20, NO. 1 Spring 2002

Coffee for Bats

BCI members know how much we benefit from the magic that bats work: pollinating flowers, dispersing seeds, controlling insects, and fertilizing forests. Now a new coffee called "Bat Magic" will benefit bats - and BCI.

Bat Magic is made from beans that are grown in shade, which leaves the forest intact to maintain welcoming habitats for bats and other wildlife. The coffee - certified organic and fair traded - also benefits local coffee farmers.

Bat Magic is a great way for coffee lovers to support BCI's conservation programs in the neotropics. BCI and the Wildlife Trust use proceeds from the coffee for joint bat-conservation and education projects.

The light roast version of Bat Magic is fruity and mild, while the dark roast is strong and smooth. Decaf is a medium-strength blend. Bat Magic makes a great gift. Order by calling BCI (800-538-2287) or online at www.batcatalog.com
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