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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 17, NO. 2 Summer 1999

BATS Back Issues Online

If you’re researching a bat-related topic or trying to remember a specific BATS article, just log on to BCI’s web site. Text and pictures for BATS issues back to 1983 are available at http://www. batcon.org/frame-batsmag.html

With the archive’s thorough index and search function, you can find what you’re looking for in seconds. Just type in a key word, and you will receive a list of every article in which that word has ever appeared. There is also a complete list of the contents of every issue, so you can quickly scan several seasons or years to find a particular article.

To maintain BATS magazine as a unique benefit for our loyal members, the current issue and the three prior to that are not made available on the web site.

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All articles in this issue:
On the Cover
Rabies: Economics vs. Public Safety
Q&A: Bats and Rabies
Bat World
Home Sweet Bridge
The Classroom Cave
Educators, Share Your Ideas
Andrea Peyton Donated Artwork
Wish List
BATS Back Issues Online
Look for "Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats" at these locations:
Student Scholarships: Making a Difference for Bats and Biologists

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