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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 17, NO. 1 Spring 1999

Bat Rehabilitation Book Available

A comprehensive new guide is now available for wildlife rehabilitators, zookeepers, and researchers who care for captive insect-eating bats. The 355-page hardcover book, Captive Care and Medical Reference for the Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats, was written by Amanda Lollar and Barbara Schmidt-French, with contributions from Patricia Winters. Sixty diagrams and 186 photographs illustrate instructions for feeding, caging, and the treatment of a variety of injuries and other medical conditions, along with human health precautions. The book also includes diagnostic charts, pharmaceutical recommendations, surgical techniques, and guidelines for the use of bats in educational programs.

The authors are experienced wildlife rehabilitators who have cared for thousands of bats of many species over the past decade. Amanda Lollar is founder and director of the Bat World Sanctuary and Educational Center in Mineral Wells, Texas. Barbara Schmidt-French is the conservation information specialist for Bat Conservation International. Patricia Winters is educational director of the California Bat Conservation Fund.

The book is available in hardcover only from the Bat World Sanctuary at 217 N. Oak, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, for a cost of $44.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Red bat drawing above by David Chapman

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