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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 15, NO. 4 Winter 1997

Happy New Year from the BCI Staff

Since 1982, BCI's staff has gradually grown to 23 full-time and three part-time employees, one summer intern, one fall intern, and several regular office volunteers. This superb team is far more than Merlin Tuttle ever dreamed of when he founded BCI. Out of pure desperation for the plight of bats, he began devoting his off-hours to the protection of these misunderstood animals, with the help of a single part-time assistant.

Today, despite the worldwide scope of BCI's education, research, and conservation programs, our staffing remains minimal. For example, Amy McCartney, our Membership Manager, now in her tenth year, has overseen BCI's growth from 1,500 to almost 14,000 members, but she didn't gain the help of a full-time assistant until two years ago.

We want you, our members, to know that we do our very best to respond to your letters
and calls, helping you to be as involved in bat conservation as you want to be. You will find identification for each of us on page 18 inside. We thank all of you for your vital support and look forward to another successful year ahead.

The Staff of Bat Conservation International:

1. Janet Tyburec, Education Programs Director
2. Steve Walker, Associate Executive Director
3. Wanda Meihl, Visual Resources Assistant
4. Andy Moore, Development Assistant
5. Phyllis Meckel, Executive Assistant
6. Carolyn Kelly, Administrative Assistant
7. Merlin Tuttle, Executive Director
8. Steven Schmauch, North American Bat Conservation Partnership Director
9. Barbara French, Conservation Information Specialist
10. Sara McCabe, Publications Editor
11. Gretchen Weihe, Receptionist
12. Linda Moore, Administration and Finance Director
13. Sheryl Ducummon, North American Bats & Mines Project Director
14. Jim Kennedy, North American Bat Conservation Partnership Assistant Director
15. Joan Ivy, Publications Editor
16. Angela England, Educational Resources Coordinator
17. Joanne Debelak, Educational Resources Assistant
18. Marianne Austin, Catalogue/Mail Coordinator
19. Karen Marks, Visual Resources Coordinator
20. Hella Wagner, Membership Assistant
21. Amy McCartney, Membership Manager
22. Robert Benson, Public Information Officer
23. Arnold Phifer, Development Director
24. Bryan Ockert, Information Systems Manager
25. Mark Kiser, North American Bat House Research Project Coordinator

Not Pictured:
John Bowles, Research Associate
Brian Keeley, Bats & Bridges Project Coordinator

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Happy New Year from the BCI Staff

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