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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 15, NO. 1 Spring 1997

Wish List

Your help with any of the following special needs would greatly increase our effectiveness. To make a donation, or for more information, please call Bob Benson at BCI (512) 327-9721, ext. 27.

Postage Meter
BCI’s postage meter must be upgraded immediately to comply with federal regulations. We have deferred the expense as long as possible, but must make the purchase now if we want to continue communicating through the US mail! Any donations to help defray the cost of the new meter ($8,500) would be deeply appreciated.

The BCI Bats and Mines Project is in need of two MSHA-approved headlamps to use in underground mine surveys for bats. This purchase will greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of our staff and will eliminate the awkward and inefficient task of borrowing or renting this regulation gear. A gift in the amount of $688 will cover the cost of two headlamps ($250 each) and a single-unit battery recharger ($188). (Our mines crew will be beaming with delight.)

Foundation Resource Publications
The Environmental Foundation Directory is an invaluable reference when seeking grants for conservation. To be most effective, our development staff need the current 1997 edition of this book. We would be very grateful for a donation to cover the $350 price of this important resource.

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Wish List
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