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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 13, NO. 2 Summer 1995

A Special Thanks. 1995

SINCE 1986, BCI members Bill and Carole Haber of Beverly Hills, California, have played a key role in BCI's progress, including facilitating the purchase of our headquarters building. Recently, the Habers enabled us to purchase: a new Minolta copy machine, a new file server for our office network, a much-needed TV/VCR combination and slide projector for our Education Department, and the current Foundation Directories for our Development Department.

Specific donations like these are extremely important to a conservation organization. While office equipment may not seem very glamorous, it is essential, and having it donated makes it possible for us to apply more of your member dollars directly toward conservation and education efforts.

The donations of the Habers contributed greatly to our growth in our beginning years, and their continued support is helping us to stabilize our basic operations. "Thank you" hardly seems adequate to express our gratitude.

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A Special Thanks. 1995
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