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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 12, NO. 4 Winter 1994

Student Scholarship Program Expanded

Lack of knowledge about bat ecology and behavior is still one of the greatest impediments to progress in conservation. For the past four years, BCI has awarded small grants to graduate students conducting conservation-relevant bat research throughout the world.

In 1995 the program will expand, including an annual Scholarship Awards Committee consisting of three of the scientific community's leading experts in bat research and conservation. Each year's committee will review proposals and make recommendations based on clearly specified criteria. Research areas of highest priority are those that solve a conservation problem, address an economic issue, or identify key ecosystems roles of bats.

Four to five grants of up to $2,500 each will be given in 1995. Proposals must be postmarked no later than February 15, 1995. Potential applicants are invited to request complete guidelines and application forms. (No proposals can be accepted without completion of appropriate forms.) Please contact Scholarship Awards Coordinator, BCI, P.O. Box 162603, Austin, Texas 78716. Phone 512-327-9721 or FAX 512-327-9724.

This program is made possible through funding from the Frank Cross Foundation and other special friends of BCI. If you are interested in contributing to this important effort, or would like to sponsor a project, please let us know. Your help can make a world of difference to young minds, as well as to conservation progress.

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