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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 11, NO. 3 Fall 1993

Join Us for Another Trip into the Rain Forest

Join Bat Conservation International for another special trip with Merlin Tuttle. Next year we'll visit Costa Rica for 10 days (April 29 to May 8). Don't miss this rare opportunity to see Costa Rica's bats with Merlin Tuttle himself leading the expedition. Explore rain and cloud forests, net a diversity of bats, and enjoy this country's beautiful landscape. Limited to 18 participants, the trip is open to all current BCI Founder's Circle members or those who join with this special activity. For more information and an itinerary, please write or call Cindy Lind at BCI (P.O. Box 162603, Austin, TX 78716, 512-327-9721).

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Join Us for Another Trip into the Rain Forest
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