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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 8, NO. 2 Summer 1990

BCI Trustee Receives Conservation Award

Andrew Sansom, a member of BCI's Board of Trustees, received a 1990 Chevron Conservation Award on May 16 in Washington, D.C. As executive director of the Texas Nature Conservancy, Sansom was the driving force behind acquisition of thousands of acres of state land for conservation. He currently serves as director of land acquisitions and management for Texas Parks and Wildlife and continues to ensure that diverse habitats are set aside as a natural heritage for future generations.

The Chevron Conservation Awards Program is the oldest privately sponsored program of its kind in the United States. Twenty individuals and five nonprofit organizations are recognized each year. Ed Zern, founder of the program, said, "Over many years, I've observed thousands of people who have made a difference in our environment. Like award winners before them, this year's honorees represent the commitment needed to better our environment and serve as outstanding examples of what our society can do to improve life for all of us."

Sansom is the second BCI board member to win this award. Last year, Verne Read, chairman of the Board of Trustees, was among the honorees. BCI is fortunate to have such dedicated individuals as part of our organization

BCI trustee, Andrew Sansom (right), receives a check for a corporate grant from Chevron's Austin Public Affairs Manager. J. Neal Miller. Chevron's support will enable the “Bats of America” audiovisual program to be more widely distributed in schools across America.
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