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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 7, NO. 1 Spring 1989

Education Series on Bats of America

The 1989 BCI Spring catalog will feature a series of new education materials focusing on U.S. bats. This series includes Merlin Tuttle's recent book, America's Neighborhood Bats, and an exciting new audiovisual program and accompanying color poster, "Bats of America." Viewers who may have thought that all bats look alike will learn how diverse they really are. The secret lives of bats are viewed along with their habits, where they live, what they do in winter, as well as their importance to the environment, conservation needs and some of the initiatives that hold hope for the future. Highlights from the program include photographs such as the Western mastiff bat, never before seen except as a scientific specimen, a detailed sequence of how a Long-nosed bat pollinates a saguaro cactus flower, and an actual audio recording of a Red bat's feeding flight. Out of America's 42 species of bats, "Bats of America" includes 14 genera and 23 species. The 79 slides in the program are accompanied by a cassette tape narration (auto-sync advance on one side and sound-beeped manual control on the other).

The spectacular 25" x 36" color poster is a photo collage of 19 species of bats with an introductory text. The poster is designed for lasting educational use and will prove a useful supplemental teaching aid for the program.

This series of materials offers the finest collection of U.S. bat photographs and conservation information ever assembled and will be of great value to conservation education programs and activities in schools, park and nature centers, zoos, museums, and other learning centers.

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