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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 6, NO. 4 Winter 1988

Behind the Scenes

Educational exhibits featuring bats are becoming extremely popular. Assisting museums in the development of such exhibits is one of many ways that Bat Conservation International is involved in conservation education. The success of bat conservation efforts depends a great deal on how people perceive bats, and BCI therefore places a major emphasis on this kind of education. Bat photographs and the accompanying information provided by BCI have gone a long way in helping visitors understand that bats are not the fearsome creatures of popular misconception and that they are essential to healthy environments worldwide. The Children's Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Smithsonian Institution all depended upon BCI for photographs and information about bats for their exhibits.

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On the Cover
BCI Helps Samoans Gain National Park
Photographing the World's Bats: Adventure, Tribulation and Rewards
Behind the Scenes
Rain Forest Exhibits Offer Visitors a Taste of the Tropics
Kids Go Bats Over Bats
Long-nosed Bats Added to U.S. Endangered List
BCI Offers First Bat Study Workshop
Expedition Opens Door for Bat Studies in China
Bats in Chinese Art
BCI Welcomes New Trustees
BCI Members Make a Big Difference
"Original" Bat Houses Now Made by BCI
Happy Holidays from the BCI Staff

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