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VOLUME 6, NO. 3 Fall 1988

On the Cover

With long white fur, bright yellow nose-leaf and ears, these tiny Honduran white bats (Ectophylla alba) are unique and uncommon. They are found only in the Caribbean lowlands of Central America, typically living in disturbed habitat along the edges of rain forests. Honduran white bats roost in small groups of two to 15 or more individuals, usually in a Heliconia leaf, which they make into a "tent"by biting through the leaf's midribs. Inside their day roost the bats are difficult to spot, since the light filtering through the leaf tends to turn their white fur into a soft green, hiding them from predators. They do not appear to utilize the same roost for any extended period of time. Honduran white bats are fruit-eaters, therefore contributing to tropical forest regeneration.

Photo by Merlin D. Tuttle

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