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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 6, NO. 2 Summer 1988


LIFE ABOVE THE JUNGLE FLOOR: A Biologist Explores a Strange and Hidden Treetop World.
Donald Perry. Simon & Schuster Inc.,
1986. 170 pages.

Life Above the Jungle Floor weaves adventure, ecology, natural history, geology and evolution into an enjoyable account of life in a section of Costa Rican jungle. With vivid detail, the reader meets the myriad life forms of the forest canopy, a part of the jungle that few people have ever seen closeup. Several accounts of bats and first-hand observations of their vital role in the rain forest are woven into the story. This is a very personal account, but the author draws on many areas of science to give meaning and depth to the many details he observes.

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All articles in this issue:
On the Cover
Long-nosed Bats Proposed for Endangered Status
Sounds of Silence
The Sacred Flying Fox of India
Endangered Species Recovery Team Reports Gains and Losses
More Trouble for Pacific Islands Flying Foxes
Cave Resources Protection Act Needs Your Help
Bats Falsely Blamed in Rabies Death
Support Urgently Needed for National Park Proposal
North American Bat Research Conference
Haber Gift Leads to Unprecedented Growth
The New Yorker Sparks Interest in Bats

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