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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 6, NO. 1 Spring 1988

New BCI Trustee

BCI is honored to welcome Marshall T. Steves, Sr. as a member of its Board of Trustees. A 13th generation San Antonian, Steves is the President of Steves and Sons, the oldest building materials company in the United States under continuous ownership and management. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of Hemisfair '68, the San Antonio World's Fair, and is active in numerous business, social and civic organizations, serving as a member of several boards. Steves has received many awards and citations for his outstanding service to the community. He and his wife, Patricia, both enthusiastic supporters of bat conservation, have on their ranch one of the last remaining Campbell bat towers built in 1918 by Steves' grandfather, Albert Steves, a former mayor of San Antonio.

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New BCI Trustee
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