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VOLUME 1, NO. 3 Fall 1984

You Can Help

In October, mother flying foxes will form densely populated "camps" where they give birth. They and their helpless young will be extremely vulnerable to mass slaughter for a period of several months. We cannot wait for the issues to be debated. Please write as soon as possible and ask the Ministry of Queensland to: (1) call an immediate moratorium on killing of flying foxes beyond the limits set by pre-existing legislation, (2) seek the advice of local experts, (3) plan an in depth investigation of perceived damage as well as probable values to native forests, and (4) draft appropriate legislation based on the facts obtained. Send your letters to the Honorable Barry Cohen, Minister for Home Affairs & the Environment, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia; to Dr. G. Saunders, Director, National Parks and Wildlife Service, MLC Centre, 239 George Street, Brisbane 4000, Queensland, Australia, and to The Honorable P. R. McKechnie, Minister for Tourism, National Parks, Sport and the Arts, Parliament House, Alice Street, Brisbane 4000, Queensland, Australia.

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You Can Help

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