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Past Events

BCI & Partner Celebrations
2012 May 5 to 2013 February 25, Northern California, Northern California Bats, Northern California Bats (NorCalBats) has many bat-related activities throughout the year and throughout Northern California. Check the complete listings at http://www.norcalbats.org/calendar.shtml
2013 January 16—17, Lansing, Michigan, Potter Park Zoo. Bat Diet Sampling., There will be samplings of the fruit bats' diet for you to try, which, as you may have guessed, is mostly fruit.
2012 October 20, Aransas, Texas, USA, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th Anniversary celebration, National Wildlife Refuge, Texas. International Year of the Bat event as part of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th Anniversary celebration.
2012 October 6—14, San Antonio, Texas, USA, San Antonio Bat Fest 2012, Join Bat Conservation international, San Antonio Zoo, Trinity University, SeaWorld, Freetail Brewing Company, Brackenridge Park Conservancy, Texas Master Naturalists, and many other organizations for 9 days of festivities during the first annual SAN ANTONIO BAT FEST. We will be celebrating UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE BAT and saying goodbye to San Antonio's millions of bats which migrate each fall to Mexico and return again in late winter. SAN ANTONIO BAT FEST will culminate in a bat symposium, open to the public, held in Trinity University's Laurie Auditorium, and featuring Dr. Merlin Tuttle and many other of the nation's top bat experts who will speak about the beauty of bats, value of bats, threats to bat, what is being done to protect bats, and what you can do to help. Visit this website again to see a growing list of other events.
2012 September 18, Free webcast (7:00 –8:30 p.m. ET, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. MT, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. AT), BatsLIVE! at Bracken Bat Cave, The USDA Forest Service, Bat Conservation International, Prince William Network, and a host of other partners will be webcasting LIVE from Bracken Bat Cave on September 18. You may access the webcast FREE on the night of the live event to offer a program about bats. Bracken Cave is the summer home of the world’s largest bat colony with millions of Mexican free-tailed bats. The emergence every evening of these millions of bats, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt, is an unforgettable sight.
2012 September 11, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Bats – North America’s Largest Wildlife Crisis? Latest Research and How Zoos and Aquariums Can Help?, AZA Annual Conference in Phoenix, September 8 – 13, 2012. Attend the special bat session on Tuesday, 10:30 – 12 noon, which will include "Bats and Wind Energy: New Research and Solutions" by Michael Schirmacher, Conservation Biologist, Bat Conservation International; "White-nose Syndrome: The Most Precipitous Wildlife Decline in the Past Century in North America", by James Eggers, Director of Education, Bat Conservation International; "Wildlife in Crisis - How Your Institution Can Be a Proponent for Bats", by Fran Miglore, Communication Specialist, Animals, Science and Environment, Disney's Animal Kingdom and The Seas; Year of the Bat - New Tools To Plan an Exciting Program", by Stacy McReynolds, Education Manager, San Antonio Zoo.
2012 June 1 to 2012 August 31, In 49 states across the US, Libraries Summer Reading Program, themed "Night", with these slogans: for children “Dream Big – Read”, for teens “Own the Night” and for adults “Under the Covers”. Artwork has been created by Brian Lies, author of three popular and fanciful books about bats (www.brianlies.com) and a great friend of BCI.

Please contact your local library to be sure the truth about bats is a part of their program and recommend that they use BCI’s free Year of the Bat resources (www.batcon.org/yotb) and contact the bat education experts at BCI!
2012 August 23—27, Barree, Pennsylvania, USA, Advanced Capture Techniques Workshop, This workshop offers experienced biologists the chance to explore more advanced monitoring and capture techniques, highlighting both contact and noncontact methods for conducting bat inventories and survey programs. The course is intended for graduates of previous BCI field courses and is designed for wildlife biologists, researchers, and consultants needing assistance with implementing their own bat monitoring programs. We will employ physical capture techniques with passive bat-detector monitoring, video-monitoring, active acoustic monitoring, mobile acoustic transect inventory plans with the goal of adequately sampling bat diversity at monitoring sites.
2012 August 24—26, New Jersey, USA, BATSTOCK 2012, FRIDAY, SAT. & SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 26, 27 "BATSTOCK 2012" - (NJBATMAN.COM FOR MORE DETAILS)
2012 August 25, Austin, Texas, USA, Austin Bat Fest, Come to the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge to celebrate bats and the bridge's world famous bat colony, which was saved from extermination by Bat Conservation International.
2012 August 25, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA, International Bat Night, MCICSL and Mammoth Cave will be hosting our 2nd International Bat Night celebration on Aug. 25. From 9:30 am CT until 1:00 pm CT we will have tables set up with information about bats and examples of some of the scientific equipment used to study bats. We will also have posters up that describe some of the bat related research occurring at the park. During the afternoon there will be bat-focused Jr Ranger events. Then from 7:00 pm CT to 9:00 pm CT we will be doing an evening program focused on bats and bat research. The program will consists of 5 "stations" that will allow visitors to interact with scientists and see first hand some of the equipment used in bat research while also getting to see and hear the bats as they emerge from the Historic Entrance of Mammoth Cave. The stations will consist of an introduction at the Visitor Center, a light trapping area outside the Visitor Center where they will be talking about insects and bat foraging behavior, an Anabat station near the Historic Entrance which will also have a computer hooked up to it so we can display sonograms of any bats flying overhead, an area using a thermal IR camera to view bats coming out of the Historic Entrance, and an area where the visitors can use night vision equipment to view the bats as they come out of the cave.
2012 August 17—22, Barree, Pennsylvania, USA, Bat Conservation and Management Workshop, Through hands-on experience, participants in these 6-day, 5-night sessions learn bat conservation and research techniques including netting, trapping, radio-tracking, night-vision observation, and habitat assessment. (Rabies pre-exposure vaccination is required for participants to handle bats.) BCI’s field-study workshop program has provided training to hundreds of wildlife biologists, educators, and other serious students of bat conservation.
2012 August 17, Quogue Wildlife Refuge Nature Center, Long Island, New York, USA, Bats: Fact and Fiction!, Friday August 17th at 8:00 PM. Meet author & biologist Bill Schutt, when he visits the Nature Center to give a fascinating talk all about BATS! Bill Schutt is the author of the critically acclaimed “Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures” which was featured on NPR’s Science Fridays and in The New York Times. Radio Show Host Alice Cooper has also read segments of Dark Banquet during his syndicated radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper. He currently serves on the board of directors of The North American Society for Bat Research. Bill has received a PhD in zoology from Cornell, is currently a Professor of Biology at LIU Post, and is Research Associate in the Department of Mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History. For more information on Bill Schutt, please check out his website www.darkbanquet.com. Books will be available for purchase and signing. $5.00 per person, reservations required. For reservations or information: (631)653-4771
2012 August 9, Hardwick, New Jersey, USA, Bat Walk & Program at White Lake: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, Time & Place: Thursday, August 9th from 7:30-8:45 pm Vass House: across from the White Lake entrance on Stillwater Rd (Route 521), Hardwick, NJ (Warren Co.) Bats have a reputation as being spooky or even fearsome, but they are actually some of the most beneficial animals to people. And right now, bats need our help. Come learn about the amazing, insect-eating, acrobatic bats in your backyard...and what you can do to keep them around! Then watch for the flying mammals as day turns into night above beautiful White Lake. We'll use an acoustic detector to help identify bats as they pass overhead, swoop for a drink of water, and gobble up insects. Hosted by The Nature Conservancy at the historic Vass House, and led by CWF bat biologist MacKenzie Hall. This program is free and family-friendly. RSVPs are appreciated.
2012 August 6, Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA, Bat Walk at Duke Farms: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, Time & Place: Tuesday, August 7th from 8:00-9:00 pm Duke Farms: 80 Route 206 South, Hillsborough, Somerset Co., NJ 08844 More Information: Registration is required! Call 908-722-3700 between 11 am & 2 pm. | 908-722-3700 Join us for an evening bat walk at the beautiful and historic Duke Farms Estate. Come learn more about these fascinating (and fascinatingly important!) flying mammals as day turns into night. We'll use an acoustic detector to help identify bats as they pass overhead, swoop for a drink of water, and gobble up insects. FREE and family-friendly, but registration is limited! Must RSVP.
2012 July 19, Austin, TX, Nature Nights: Bats, at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. How many mosquitos can a bat eat in one night? Are bats really blind? Become a bat expert at Austin’s International Year of the Bat event hosted in partnership with Bat Conservation International. Discover the mysterious life of bats through guided habitat hikes with bat experts and a fun scavenger hunt, see a live African Straw-colored Flying Fox and Mexican Free-tailed bats in an interesting presentation on why we should care about bats and experience what it’s like to be a bat scientist. Hear a story about Ding Bat & His Happy Flying Friends from the authors Evalen and John Cruzan at 6:30 p.m. and also meet them in the store from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Build a bat with the Master Naturalists. There will also be bat themed crafts including one from the Teenage Ecowarriors and other hands-on educational activities to teach you all about these Masters of the Night.
2012 July 2, Fanwood, New Jersey, USA, Bats Program for Families, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, Time & Place: Monday, July 2nd at 7:00 pm, Fanwood Memorial Library - 14 Tillotson Rd, Fanwood, NJ (Union Co.) More Information: Susan Staub, Children's Librarian | (908) 322-4377 Bats have a reputation as being spooky or even fearsome, but they are actually some of the most beneficial animals to people. And right now, bats need our help. Come learn about the amazing, insect-eating, acrobatic bats in your backyard...and what you can do to keep them around! Bat biologist MacKenzie Hall of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation will give a colorful slideshow talk, auction a bat house, and demonstrate how to find night-flying bats using an acoustic detector. This program is geared toward kids & families.
2012 June 20, San Diego Zoo, California, USA, American Association of Zoo Keepers, San Diego, Dan Taylor, MS, Water Program Coordinator for Bat Conservation International, will present an overview of basic bat biology and ecology. The natural history, conservation, and management of bats of the United States and Canada, with an emphasis on California. Addressing threats to bat populations: bat conservation and management in the U.S. and Canada, including energy development, roosting habitat; caves, mines, forests, and artificial roosts, drinking and foraging habitat, and White-nose Syndrome.
2012 June 7, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The world through the ears of a bat, Come explore the life of a bat with University of Western Ontario professor and renowned bat biologist, Dr. Brock Fenton. The lecture will be followed by a short walk on the zoo site to observe and listen to wild bats. Lecture outline. Also, witness the unveiling of Hibernaculum, a bat-themed piece by Canadian environmental artist Karen Abel. Tickets are free but seats are limited, so call 416-392-9106 or send an email to programs@torontozoo.ca for reservations. Donations are welcome and will support local bat conservation. Toronto Zoo Education Auditorium, on Thursday, June 7, 2012, 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
2012 May 2—4, Taipei Zoo, Taiwan, SEAZA Education Workshop: Bat Conservation, Taipei Zoo will host the 2012 South East Asia Zoo Association (SEAZA) Education Workshop for zoo educators on bat conservation at Taipei Zoo from May 2 to 4, 2012. This workshop is only open to zoo educators working in Southeast Asian Countries. Taipei Zoo has invited the world’s bat experts from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the USA to share their experience on the conservation of this mammal. In addition, the courses will involve physical examination of bats, bats house assembling, baby bat care, etc. On the final day of the workshop, there will be a tour of the Taipei Zoo and Conservation Center, and an ecotour of a national park. For more information about bats in the Taipei Zoo, see http://newweb.zoo.gov.tw/themeweb/bat/
2012 April 29, Portland, Oregon, USA. World Forestry Center, Portland Bat Symposium, Hear five of the regions top bat experts at one venue, on one afternoon, for FREE (RSVP highly recommended). 1:00-1:10 – Introduction by President of WFC; 1:10-1:30 – "Interesting facts about bats" by Cris Hein, Bat Conservation International; 1:30-1:50 – "Tools used by scientists to identify and classify bats" by Jan Zinck, PSU and PCC; 1:50-2:10 – "Impact of White-nose Syndrome on bats" by Pat Ormsbee, US Forest Service; 2:10-2:30 – "Affect of climate change on bats" by Tom Rodhouse, National Parks Service; 2:30-2:50 – "Photographing bats" by Michael Durham, Michael Durham Photography.
2012 April 21—24, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Bat Awareness Celebration, Memphis Zoo's Bat Awareness Celebration, in partnership with Bat Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy, Tennessee. Visit the zoo's new interactive bat exhibit and see four species of bats: Rousettus bats, Seba's Short-tailed bats, Vampire bats, and Egyptian fruit bats.
2012 April 9—15, National Bat Awareness & Appreciation Week
2012 April 9—15, Houston, TX, BAT FEST HOUSTON – Celebrating 2012 Year of the Bat, Presented by the Houston Zoo and the Houston Bat Team (more details to come).
2012 April 14—15, Houston, TX, Bat Fest Houston, at The Houston Zoo and Waugh Bridge. See flyer.
2012 April 9—15, Evansville, Indiana, National Bat Awareness & Appreciation Week, 2012 is International Year of the Bat, so this year Evansville's Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden invites you to celebrate bats with us. Kick off at the zoo is National Bat Awareness & Appreciation Week April 9-15th, but the fun doesn't stop there!
2012 April 14, Portland, Oregon, USA. World Forestry Center, The Biology, Behavior & Benefits of Bats, a bat talk will be given by Dr. Cris Hein, Conservation Scientist for Bat Conservation International, at 1pm.
2012 April 10, Portland, Oregon, USA. Audubon Society of Portland’s Leach Botanical Garden Manor House, Bats of Oregon & Around the World, a bat talk and walk will be given by Dr. Cris Hein, Conservation Scientist for Bat Conservation International, from 7-8:30pm.
2012 February 11, Galveston Island, Texas, USA, Moody Gardens, Bats are Doing It, This unique cocktail party will feature specialty bat drinks and hors d’oeuvres prepared with ingredients that are made possible because of bats’ ecological importance. In addition, guests will be able to attend a special presentation from guest speaker James Eggers, Director of Education at Bat Conservation International. Attendees can also take a night tour of the Rainforest Pyramid® highlighting bat conservation and bring home a "Bats Are Doin’ It" goody bag.
2012 February 8, Monfort Conservation Park, the Philippines, Full Moon Together with Bats: A Special Bat Emergence Night (BEN) Tour, The public is invited on February 8th, to celebrate the kick-off activity of the 2012 Year of the Bat offering gratuitously “Full Moon Together with Bats: A Special Bat Emergence Night (BEN) Tour”. This event coincides with the 1st full moon of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, a fitting culmination for the two-week long celebration of the Chinese New Year, magnifying bats’ as a symbol of long life, wealth, health, virtue and natural death in the Chinese Culture. See flyer for more information.
2012 January 24, Portland, Oregon, USA, The Biology, Behavior, & Benefits of Bats, presentation by Cris Hein, PhD, Conservation Scientist, Bat Conservation International. The Rialto Pool Room's basement bar, The Jack London (529 SW 4th Avenue Portland 97204 503-228-7605) will host the event.
2012 January 21, Quogue, NY, Celebrate International Year of the Bat at Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Celebrate International Year of the Bat at Quogue Wildlife Refuge. The United Nations has declared 2012 International Year of the Bat - come to the Refuge & learn why! A Power Point program for adults will be held at 2:00 PM. A presentation for children about bats is scheduled for 11:00 AM. A Bat Craft will be available for children to make between 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM. A free event for all, reservations requested.
2012 January 14, Houston, Texas, Bat Team Cheers Olympic Team, Bat Team Cheers Olympic Team. The Men’s and Women’s US Olympic Trials marathon that will be ‘running’ past Waugh bridge, home to a famous bat colony, at 8:00 am on Saturday. The event will be televised nationally on NBC. Approx. 300 elite athletes are expected to compete for just 6 spots on the U.S. Olympic marathon team. Houston is the first city to host both the Men’s and Women’s Marathon trials, happening both at same time. The race begins in downtown Houston, runs down Memorial Drive to Shepherd, then back down Allen Parkway, ending in downtown. The total race is 26.2 miles. Allen Parkway & Memorial Drive, plus Waugh will be closed to traffic. Waugh bridge will be used as place for people to watch the race, as well as all along Allen Parkway. Anyone interested in attending to cheer the runners and promote the bats should contact us
2011 September 24 to 2012 January 8, Redding, California, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Masters of the Night, A museum exhibit about bats, created in cooperation with Bat Conservation International.
2011 November 7, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, USA, Year of the Bat, Jenkinson's Aquarium Saturday, November 17th 1:00-4:00pm Bats are the only flying mammals on earth and are responsible for pollination, seed dispersal, insect control, and much more! Learn about these mysterious and misunderstood animals. All ages. Included with admission.
2011 October 1—31, Web, Online Halloween Artists Studio Trick or Treat, For a third year in a row, BCI member and artist Karen Waschinski of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, is hosting the Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat. Help out by trick or treating at www.halloweenstudiotour.com come October 1st-31st, where such amazing artists as Mark Dennis, Beth Hogan, April Norton, Amber Rose Lawrence, and Adrianne Kinsella have all donated to BCI to participate!
2011 October 26—29, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North American Society for Bat Research, Teacher Workshop, Presented on Sat., 29th by Bat Conservation International's Director of Education. More details.
2011 October 26, Orlando, Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Bat Conservation International and Disney's Animal Kingdom are celebrating Year of the Bat at Conservation Station in Orlando. From 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., visitors to the Animal Kingdom can play bat games, learn how Disney is helping bats and Bat Conservation International through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and talk with Bat Conservation International staff and Disney's bat keepers. And to top it all off, there will even be a bat cave where kids can learn how to conduct a bat-population census! Staff pics here!
2011 October 24, Moodus,CT, East Haddam Free Public Library, Trick or Treat for bats, Free event for kids
2011 October 22—23, Austin, Texas, Viva la Vida Fest 2011, Grand Procession, 6:00 – 7:00 PM. This year’s theme is Mexican Free-tail Bat. Bat Conservation International will be leading the procession. Gather at Plaza Saltillo, on 5th and Comal, at 5:00 PM. For information about joining BCI’s contingent, contact Jason (ext. 18) or Dianne (ext. 26) at 512-327-9721.
2011 October 22, San Antonio, Texas. Cody Library, Bat Program by BCI's manager of Bracken Bat Cave, More information about Bracken Bat Cave.
2011 October 21, Moodus, CT, Bats: Where have they gone? Why should I care?
2011 October 15, Chicago, Illinois, The Field Museum, BCI Bat Symposium at The Field Museum, Featured speaker: Dr. Merlin Tuttle. Register here. More details here (pdf).
2011 October 13, Portland, OR, Bat Ball: Night of the Bat, The Rialto Pool Room's basement bar, The Jack London (529 SW 4th Avenue Portland 97204 503-228-7605) will host the event to raise money to donate to Bat Conservation International's efforts in stopping White Nose Syndrome. Activities will include appetizers and silent auction, time for guests to read literature on bats, presentation by BCI’s own Cris Hein, PhD, Conservation Scientist, and rock bands/dancing.
2011 October 8—9, Cats and Bats: An Austin Tradition, TICA Cat Show. 1500 attendees were able to not only see cats but also learn about bats from BCI staff.
2011 September 12—17, Atlanta, Georgia, Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference, Panel presentation Bats: New Threats, What is Being Done and How You Can Help, including representatives from Bat Conservation International.
2011 September 12—17, Kentucky, Bat Conservation Management Workshop, Through Bat Conservation International
2011 June 11 to 2011 September 11, Heard Museum of Natural Sciences, McKinney, Texas, Denizens of the Dark, which includes Masters of the Night, a museum exhibit about bats, created in cooperation with Bat Conservation International.

Heard Museum of Natural Sciences
2011 August 30 to 2011 September 1, Tucson, Arizona, White-nose Syndrome Workshop, Sponsored by BCI
2011 June 21 to 2011 August 31, Year of the Bat Photo Contest
2011 August 26—28, Houston, TX, International Bat Night: Bat Chats with the Houston Bat Team
2011 August 26—28, New Jersey/New York, Batstock
2011 August 27, Portland, Oregon, International Bat Night: Audubon Society of Portland, Cris Hein, Ph.D., Conservation Scientist for Bat Conservation International, will present and lead a “bat walk”.
2011 August 27, Austin, Texas, International Bat Night, International Bat Night. 20 bands, 150 booths featuring artesian works and crafts, a bat-costume contest, local food, and, of course, Adam West, the Bat Copter and bat watching. While you’re there, grab a bite from our favorite vendor, Best Wurst. Best Wurst will be donating all proceeds from their sales for the day to BCI! And don’t forget to stop by the Hyatt to see a live fruit bat.
2011 August 27, Austin, Texas, Kid’s International Bat Night, Meet Zoey, BCI’s ambassador fruit bat and participate in education activities from 1-5pm at the Hyatt Austin on the Lake, 208 Barton Springs at the southwest corner of the Congress Ave. Bridge. Click here for a coupon for a FREE kid’s meal at the event.
2011 August 27, San Antonio, Texas, International Bat Night, See two natural wonders at once. Tour Natural Bridge Caverns AND see the amazing emergence of up to 20 million bats at Bracken Cave—with a pizza dinner in between! For more information and tickets, call Natural Bridge Caverns at (210) 651-6101.
2011 August 27, Arlington, VA, Gulf Branch Nature Center, Bat Fest Arlington
2011 August 15—21, Duluth, Minnesota, Lake Superior Zoo, US Zoos Kick-off for International Year of the Bat, The zoo will hold a "Lake Superior Zoo's Bat Week" celebration including a presentation by a representative from Bat Conservation International.
    Superior Zoo American Association of Zoo Keepers
2011 August 11, Austin, Texas, Austin Night for Nature, Bat Conservation International on Austin City Limits. Austin Night for Nature sponsored by Ecological Society of America.
2011 August 6, Houston, Texas, Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, Bat talk and walk to Waugh Street Bridge, Given by Dr. Cullen Geiselman, Board of Trustees, Bat Conservation International.

Other Year of the Bat events
2012 September 15, Sixth Annual Indiana Bat Festival, Sixth Annual Indiana Bat Festival Time: 10 am to 5 pm Cost: Free Location: Indiana State University, Science Building Featuring: Live bats and bird programs, talks by leading bat experts, inflatable cave, childrens activities, art contest, and face painting. Bat Science Night Time: 6 pm to 10 pm Cost: Free Location: Dobbs Park Featuring: Bat biologists demonstrations and bird programs
2012 May 10 to 2012 September 14, Orange, Callifornia, USA, Summer Bat Walks 2012, Summer Bat Walks 2012 by Sea and Sage Audubon Society at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. Registrations are required and must be prepaid; Call Lynne Hayes (714) 750-1553.
2012 July 14, Waconda, Illinois, USA, Lake County Forest Preserves Bat Fest, Hang out with our resident coloney of little brown bats and take part in live bat demonstations, learning stations and crafts. At dusk, you'll get an upclose view on a large projector screen as ecologists with the Illinois Natural History Survey catch some of the bats in mist nets. Live bat presentation by Flying Fox Conservation Fund
2012 June 23, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Bees, Bats, and Butterflies!, Celebrate “National Pollinator Week” at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Learn how important bees, bats, and butterflies are to the natural world. Bat-friendly plantings, a live bat, bee demonstrations and more will be part of the celebration. Live presentations by Flying Fox Conservation Fund. 11am-4pm, throughout the Conservatory (look for signs) 300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, IL
2012 June 16—17, The Grove, Glenview, Illinois, USA, The Grove Bat Festival, Celebrate "Year of The Bat" and discover the truth about these flying mammals, essential for pollination, seed dispersal, inset control and so much more! Fun for the whole family ! 9am -5pm each day
2012 June 13—15, Oaxaxa, Mexico, Festival de los Murcielagos en Oaxaca, Para celebrar “2011-2012: El año internacional de los Murciélagos” declarado por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas, el Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación para el Desarrollo Integral Regional (CIDIIR), Unidad Oaxaca y la Asociación Mexicana de Mastozoología, A. C. (AMMAC), invitan cordialmente al público en general, mastozoólogos, estudiantes, conocedores e interesados en los murciélagos a participar en el Festival de los murciélagos en Oaxaca a realizarse del 13 al 15 de junio de 2012 en las instalaciones del CIIDIR.
2012 June 7—8, Ibague, Columbia, Festival del Murcielago, El grupo de estudios Montaña Viva, Universidad del Cauca y grupo de semilleros en Conservación e Investigación de murciélagos (COINQUI), Universidad del Tolima, vienen organizando el II Festival del Murciélago Ibagué 2012, que se llevara a cabo los días 7 y 8 de junio de 2012 en las instalaciones de la Universidad del Tolima.
2012 January 21 to 2012 May 6, Portland, Oregon, World Forestry Center, 2012 Kick-off event for International Year of the Bat, Masters of the Night, a museum exhibit about bats, created in cooperation with Bat Conservation International.
2012 April 21, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, Year of the Bat at our Earth Day event – Party for the Planet, Riverbanks Zoo & Garden will have crafts, activity tables, batman in costume and hand outs for the families to take home. Riverbanks houses Rodriques Fruit Bats.
2012 April 9—15, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Bat Awareness & Appreciation Week, The town of Whitby, Ontario, has been the first municipality to declare an official Bat Awareness & Appreciation Week, coinciding with the first annual International Bat Awareness & Appreciation Week, occuring during 2012 UN International Year of the Bat. Special thanks go to Mayor Pat Perkins for making this declaration, and to Christopher Wait for working to secure this declaration, for education others about bats and for inspiring bat conservation professionals. Click here to view the mayoral proclamation.
2012 April 14, Rockdale, Texas, 3rd Annual Milam County Nature Festival, Nature Exhibits and Demonstrations Bats, Birds, Bees and Hives, Prairie Dogs, Crawdads, Bryophytes and Lichens, Houston Toads, Pollinators, Knapping, Native Grasses, Wildflowers, Backyard Wildlife, El Camino Real National Historic Trail, and more…
2012 April 13, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Celebrating and De-Mystifying Iowa's Bats, The Iowa Wildlife Center, ISU Wildlife Extension and Des Moines Parks & Rec Present: "Celebrating and De-Mystifying Iowa's Bats" from 6-9 p.m. at the Pioneer Columbus Community Center, 2100 S.E. 5th Street in Des Moines. To learn more, call IWC at 515.233.1379 or email colleen@iowawildlifecenter.org www.iowawildlifecenter.org
2012 April 12, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA, Year of the Bat: Hartman Open House, Year of the Bat: Hartman Open House-Thursday, April 12 5pm-7pm Celebrate International Bat Week locally at Hartman Reserve! This Open House provides an opportunity to learn about bats in Iowa, what is currently threatening bats around the country, and what you can do to help. Bat crafts will also be available for kids Model bat houses will also be available for viewing, as well as, bat house building plans to take with you! Hartman Reserve Nature Center 657 Reserve Drive, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 319-277-2187
2012 March 6—7, Havana, CUBA, Bat Research Meeting Cuba-Canada 2012, The Research Group in Bioacoustics and Neuroethology from Havana University, Cuba, and the Laboratory of Behaviour and Ecology of Bats from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, will meet at the Faculty of Biology of Havana University to celebrate the Bat Research Meeting Cuba-Canada 2012. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us during March 6th and 7th to discuss about the biology of bats, to enjoy first-hand bat-stories from Dr. Brock Fenton and Dr. Gilberto Silva, and to explore collaboration possibilities between the Universities of Havana and Western Ontario.
2012 February 28, San Angelo, Texas, USA, The Mystery and Beauty of Bat Diversity, Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas is having an open house for their museum collections (Angelo State Natural History Collections). The featured speaker is Dr. Loren Ammerman and the talk is titled "The Mystery and Beauty of Bat Diversity". The time and place is 7:00pm on Tuesday, February 28th, on the the Angelo State University campus in Cavness Science Building room 100.
2012 February 11, Wurstboro, New York, USA, Bat Information Booth at the Mamakating Library, Bat Information Booth at the Mamakating Library in Wurstboro, NY, February 11th from 11am to 3pm as part of their annual Winterfest. The booth will have: Info on how to build a bat house and an example Batty crafts for kids Word searches and a crossword puzzle A suggested reading list of books and websites about bats Many photos Information from the USFWS on bats And a survey that kids can take and return for a batty tattoo
2012 January 27—29, El Paso, Texas, Year of the Bat Kickoff Celebration at the El Paso Zoo!,
Batty Sleepover – January 27, 6 p.m. – 9 a.m. Spend the night at the zoo and discover information about our local bats, make bat enrichments and celebrate the Year of the Bat! Also enjoy a jam packed time with a nocturnal tour, animal encounter, campfire, story time and behind the scenes tour!

January 28-29, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Join us to help raise awareness about Bat conservation and learn about these magnificent creatures. Daily activities will include bat games, arts & crafts, bat enrichment programs and more. (Activities included with regular Zoo admission)

Build a Bat House Workshop – January 28 at 11am. Learn how to build a bat house in this fun hands-on interactive workshop. Bats are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems and installing a bat house is a great way to support these insect eating species.
2011 November 3—4, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Police Pointe Park Nature Center, Bat House Building Evening, Medicine Hat Interpretive Program, working with Mrs. Pavelich's grade 4 class at Crestwood School, is having a bat house building evening on November 3, 2011. Bat houses built that evening will be available for sale to the public. Funds will go to continue programming by the Interpretive Program. Other groups who would like to arrange bat related program can contact the Interpretive Program at 403-529-6225. Corlaine Gardner, Chief Park Interpreter.
2011 October 28, El Cajon, California, Discover Bats!, Discover Bats! at the Water Conservation Garden. Presented by BLM and USFWS staff. Flyer.
2011 October 20, Springfield, Illinois, Current Threats to North American Bats, presented by Dr. Joyce Hofman, Mammalogist, Illinois Natural History Survey, sponsored by the Springfield Audubon Society. Program is free and open to the public. Adams Wildlife Sanctuary, 2315 Clear Lake Avenue, Springfield, 217.544.2473, jfessett@illinoisaudubon.org
2011 October 13, Little Rock, Arkansas, Little Rock Garden Club GCA Flower Show, Bat Conservation International was named as a recipient of The Ann Lyon Crammond Award! The Little Rock Garden Club Conservation Committee presented a conservation exhibition on the benefit of bats, which received two major awards from the Garden Club of America: The Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award for educational and visual merit which increases the public’s knowledge and awareness of our environment; and, along with BCI, The Ann Lyon Crammond Award for increasing the knowledge and appreciation of plants, gardens or landscape design.
2011 October 11, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Discover Bats: Bat Awareness Programme, at Sundarvan, Centre for Environment Education (CEE). Sundarvan (which means 'beautiful forest'), a nature discovery center, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, has a colony of fruit bats, commonly known as flying foxes, that have been living there for more than five years. These nocturnal creatures are misunderstood and have many myths attached to them. A bat awareness programme is being organized through a show at Sundarvan. An informative and interesting booklet on bats is also made available along with a film show and slide show. The visitors are also able to observe bats in the moon light! The programme starts at dusk. Poster. Photo.
2011 August 27, Terre Haute, Indiana, Center for North American Bat Research and Conservation, Indiana Bat Festival, batcenterlogo
2011 August 27, Sardis Lake, MS, International Bat Night: 'Scouting for Bats', Webelo pack 234 will participate in a mist netting demonstration and educational event conducted by the Mississippi Bat Working Group.
2011 August 27, Palmetto, Georgia, International Bat Night: Cochran Mill Nature Center
2011 August 27, Glenwood, WA, Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge, International Bat Night, Enjoy a short talk about bats and an opportunity to watch bats emerge from an occupied building and see/hear their calls.
2011 August 27, Mammoth Cave, KY, International Bat Night: Mammoth Cave Celebrates
2011 August 27, Guilford, CT, International Bat Night: Guilford’s Night Sky, Presented by The Guilford Conservation Commission & The Dudley Farm
2011 August 27, Clarksville, TN, International Bat Night: Dunbar Cave State Natural Area, In partnership with Austin Peay State University. Beginning at 7:00 p.m, university students, who are conducting a multi-year study of the bats in and around Dunbar Cave, will talk about their study and what they have learned about the bats while visitors watch the bats exit the cave and fly around the entrance and over the lake. This free program is for all ages.
2011 August 27, Buffalo, NY, Tifft Nature Preserve, International Bat Night, A mist netting demonstration by Justin Zoladz, Biologist, Ecology and Environment, Inc.
2011 July 9, Michigan, Great Lakes Bat Festival
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