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Bat Conservation International is excited and ready to help all who wish to celebrate International Year of the Bat. Whether you are a large, nonprofit organization creating an exhibit, a schoolteacher planning a class celebration, a nature center wishing to highlight the importance of bats, or a Scout troop focused on families and neighborhoods, we have the resources to help you make the most of your event.

Now Available! Bat Trunks from Bat Conservation International

You can now register for one of our traveling "Bat Trunks" with a wealth of resources for informing and inspiring yourself and others to help these incredible Masters of the Night. Contact us.
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Things You Can Do To Help Bats

Support Bat Conservation International

Send your own postcard to support White-nose Syndrome research                                                         

Get involved

Install a bat house

Contact Congress

Request more information

Send an e-card

Visit a bat location

Volunteer for Bats

Attend workshops

Educate yourself about bat conservation programs

Know what to do if you find a bat

Join BCI on Facebook

Secure a city/state/provincial proclamation to promote awareness, appreciation, and conservation. See example here.


Events Suitcase

Presentation - Why Care About Bats

Activity - Benefits of Bats

Activity - Echolocation

Activity - Family Sense

Activity - Home Sweet Home

Activity - How do you Measure Up

Activity - Letter

Activity - Make and Play Game

Print your own I LOVE BATS stickers (using Avery Square Labels paper, 22806)

Print your own I LOVE BATS temporary tattoos (using printable tattoo paper). I LOVE BATS tattoo template. I LOVE BATS tattoo template REVERSED

Benefits of Bats article

Threats to Bats article

How to Help Bats article


Kid Approved!


Video & Audio, free downloads

La Batalla por los Murcielagos

We Need Bats and Bats Need Us (English)

We Need Bats and Bats Need Us  (Spanish)

We Need Bats and Bats Need Us  (Portuguese)

e-Publications, free downloads

Bats are pollinators too

Bats in American Bridges Manual

Forest Management and Bats

Bats and Mines

Cave Dwelling Bats of Northern Mexico (available in Spanish and English)

Bats: A Creativity Book for Young Conservationists

Year of the Bat Brochure

Water for Wildlife Handbook

Informational Flyers, free downloads

Bat Facts

Bat Facts (Very large file for Print)

Things You can do to promote bat conservation

Bats 101

Frequently Asked Questions about Bats

Answers to Questions about Bats and Rabies

A Guide to Safe and Humane Exclusions

Bat Houses? Here's How!

Forest Management & Bats

Integrated Pest Management

Educator/Student Resources

All About Bats

Kidz Cave: Music Video, Crossword Puzzles, Arts & Crafts

Intro to Bats

Educator Curriculum

Species Profiles

Bats: A Creativity Book for Young Conservationists

Frankie the Free-tailed bat (book in Spanish & English) 

"Bat Issue" of Critter Connection Magazine

Lesson Plan: Bats and Echolocation 

Night Friends - Bat Lessons 

More Fun Resources

Free Wallpapers

How to photograph bats


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