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Researcher Archives

BCI’s North American Bat House Research Project gathered data on bat-house design and use from 1993 to 2003 and reported the results in The Bat House Researcher newsletter. The final edition of the newsletter describes the project and the results of that decade of bat-house research. It is available below (in PDF format).

Final Edition.

A Decade of Bat House Discovery. Kiser, Mark and Selena. 2004.
Overall Project Success and Results. 2004.
Bat House Hall of Fame. 2004.
Rare Wagner's Bonneted Bat Found in Bat House. Kiser, Mark and Selena. 2004.
News & Notes. 2004.
Research Associates in Action: Hugh McLaurin. Kiser, Mark. 2004.
Heated Bat Houses. Kiser, Mark and Selena. 2004.
Better Bat Houses from BCI. 2004.

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