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Community Roosts


Sometimes you need a really big bat house – one that can handle thousands of bats. BCI can help with that.

As communities become more aware of the importance of bats, humane exclusions are becoming the rule when bat colonies are discovered in buildings. But the displaced bats still need a place to live, and there often are many more bats than traditional bat houses can handle.

BCI worked with architects and engineers to design a "community bat house" that's 10 feet square and mounted on utility poles. With hundreds of removable chambers, the structure can house up to about 30,000 bats. Initial construction plans have been amended to give the community bat house broader utility and to ensure it meets typical state and local building codes. Several of these structures have been built recently by conservation-minded communities in Florida and Canada.

Construction plans for BCI's community bat house are available free by contacting BCI's Artificial Roosts coordinator.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 04 August 2010
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