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Get Involved/Install a Bat House


Buying a bat house

You can purchase bat houses from the Buy a Bat House link to the left. The vendors carry a varied selection of bat houses, with capacities of 50 to 600 bats. All are carefully designed with bats in mind. We work with the manufacturers to ensure everything from the design and construction to the installation instructions meets our recommendations.

We also provide a listing of BCI-certified vendors who participate in our certified-bat house program. You can purchase additional models directly from these vendors.

Building my own bat house

Building your own bat house is not difficult for anyone with some woodworking experience and basic hand and/or power tools. Plans for our basic single-chamber bat house and our four-chamber nursery house are available for free download. You'll find plans for building your own nursery and rocket houses are available in BCI's Bat House Builders Handbook. The Building Homes for Bats DVD also has plans for nursery houses and single-chamber houses.

Will my bat house need maintenance?

A well-built bat house needs only minimal maintenance. Check your bat house once a year for gaps or cracks caused by deteriorating caulk or warped wood. Caulk or repaint bat houses during the winter months, when bats are not present.

Available Downloads

Single Chamber Bat House Plans

Four Chamber Nursery House Plans

What Color should I paint my bat house?

Mounting Bat Houses to Buildings

Pole or post installation for Bat Houses 

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