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Bat Trunk Reservation Agreement

Whether you are a school teacher planning a bat study unit, a non-profit organization creating an exhibit, a nature center wishing to highlight the importance of bats or a scout troop focused on families and neighborhoods, we have the resources to help you make the most of your event.

PLEASE NOTE: Though use of the bat trunk is free of charge, we now require payment of a $40 round-trip shipping fee before the trunk can be sent. BCI will arrange for the FedEx pick-up on the date specified (the last Monday in each date range).

In exchange for the use of the Bat Conservation International Bat Trunk, I agree to:

  • Return the material in the same condition in which it was received. If items are missing or broken upon receiving the trunk, I will contact the Bat Trunk Coordinator immediately, or I will be held responsible for their replacement. If items are broken or missing due to actions while in my care, I agree to cover the cost to replace the items.
  • 2-WEEK CHECK-OUT PERIOD: You will have two (2) full calendar weeks from the arrival date requested to use the trunk.
  • IMPORTANT: Please complete and return the evaluation form provided with the trunk, and ask students/audience members to complete the brief pre- and post-program quiz; both will help us to continue improving the quality and usefulness of our materials.

All fields are required

School/Venue Name:
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Select the date on which you prefer the Bat Trunk to arrive. In case there is not a trunk available for the date specified, please select up to two alternate dates. All date ranges begin on a Monday and span two calendar weeks. BCI will arrange for the pick-up on the last date in each two-week range. Please let the Bat Trunk Coordinator know immediately if you don't need the trunk for the entire two-week period, so an earlier pick-up date can be arranged.
Arrival Date Range Requested:  
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