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Myotis velifer

 cave myotis (Vespertilionidae)
 Myotis velifer
 cave myotis

 Family Name: Vespertilionidae
 Genus: Myotis
 Species Name: velifer

 Pronunciation: my-oh-tis vel-if-fer
 Common Name: cave myotis

The cave myotis forms nursery colonies, usually numbering in the thousands in caves, mines, barns, buildings, and sometimes under bridges. It is found throughout the southwest from central Oklahoma and Texas westward through the southern half of New Mexico and Arizona. Cave myotis are aerial insectivores and feed on a wide variety of insects including moths, weevils, antlions, small beetles and flying ants. Because these bats congregate in large groups, they are very susceptible to human disturbance.

Approximate Range:

Source: IUCN Red List

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