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Bat Books

Compiled by Jim Kennedy, BCI. Revised 18 May 2012.

Note: Not all published bat books are represented on this list. Attempts were made to include books currently in print. If you have additions or corrections, please send them to education@batcon.org.

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Grades K-3
Adventure of Echo the Bat, by Ginger Butcher.
Amazing Bats, by Frank Greenaway.
Animal Neighbors Bat, by Stephen Savage.
Bat, by Caroline Arnold.
Batbaby, by Robert Quackenbush.
Bat in the Boot, by Annie Cannon.
Bat Jamboree, by Kathi Appelt.
Bat Loves the Night, by Nicola Davies.
Bat-Poet, by Randall Jarrell.
Bat’s Cave: a Dark City, by Joyce L. Markovics.
Bats, by Celia Bland.
Bats, by Eric Braun and Sandra Donovan.
Bats, by Traci Dibble.
Bats, by Michael George.
Bats, by Gail Gibbons.
Bats, by Susan Heinrichs Gray. BCI PICK!
Bats, by Judith Angelique Johnson.
Bats, by Sylvia A. Johnson.
Bats, by Cindy Kendall.
Bats, by Sophie Lockwood.
Bats, by June Preszler.
Bats, by Cindy Rodriguez.
Bats, by Julia Vogel.
Bats, by Patricia Whitehouse.
Bats, by Natashya Wilson.
Bats, by Lily Wood.
Bats and Other Animals of the Night, by Joyce Milton.
Bats and Their Homes, by Deborah Chase Gibson.
Bats are Night Animals, by Joanne Mattern.
Bats at the Ball Game, by Brian Leis.
Bats at the Beach, by Brian Lies.
Bats at the Library, by Brian Leis.
Bats, Bats, Bats, by Erin A. Olearczyk.
Bats for Kids, by Kathryn T. Lundberg.
Bats Set 1 (Dog-faced Bats, Fisherman Bats, Flying Fox Bats, Spear-nosed Bats, Vampire Bats,
Wrinkle-faced Bats), by Tamara L. Britton.
Bats Set 2 (Bumblebee Bats, Fringe-lipped Bats, Ghost-faced Bats, Honduran White Bats, Little
Brown Bats, Slit-faced Bats), by Jill C. Wheeler.
Bats: Creatures of the Night, by Joyce Milton. BCI PICK!
Bats: Hunters of the Night, by Elaine Landau.
Bats: Mammals that Fly, by Marlene Sway. BCI PICK! 
Bats: Mysterious Flyers of the Night, by Dee Stuart. BCI PICK!
Bats: Night Fliers, by Betsy Maestro.
Bats: Shadows in the Night, by Diane Ackerman.
Bats!, by Ron Cole.
Bats!, by Roger Generazzo.
Bats!, by Nicole Iorio.
Bats! Strange and Wonderful, by Laurence Pringle.
Beautiful Bats, by Linda Glaser.
Big Brown Bat, by Rick Chrustowski.
Cactus Cafe: A Story of the Sonoran Desert, by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld.
Curious Creatures: Bats, by James Robert Taris and Louis James Taris.
Endangered Bats, by Bobbie Kalman and Kristina Lundblad.
Extremely Weird Bats, by Sarah Lovett. BCI PICK!
Fascinating World of Bats, by Maria Ángels Julivert.
Going Batty, by Kirsten Hall.
Gray Bat (Animals in Danger), by Rod Theodorou.
Habitat for Bats, by Maureen Robbins.
Hector’s Escapades (The First Night Out, Hector Visits His Country Cousin, Hector Saves the
Moon), by Jane Scoggins Bauld.
Home in the Cave, by Janet Halfmann.
How Do Bats Fly in the Dark?, by Melissa Stewart.
Library of Bats (Bulldog Bats, Flying Foxes, Free-tailed Bats, Horseshoe Bats, Plain-nosed Bats,
Vampire Bats), by Emily Raabe.
Life Cycle of a Bat, by JoAnn Early Macken.
Life Cycle of a Bat, by Rebecca Sjonger and Bobbie Kalman.
Little Bat Finger Puppet Book, by Klaartje van der Put.
Little Lost Bat, by Sandra Markle.
Little Red Bat, by Carole Gerber.
Littlebat’s Halloween Story, by Diane Mayr.
Magic School Bus in the Bat Cave, by Jeanette Lane.
Magic School Bus Going Batty, by Joanna Cole.
Noises in the Night: The Habits of Bats, by Deborah Kovacs.
Outside and Inside Bats, by Sandra Markle.
Pauly: the Adventurous Pallid Bat, by Heather Irbinskas.
Place for Bats, by Melissa Stewart. Red Bat at Sleepy Hollow Lane, by Janet Halfmann.
Shadows of the Night: The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat, by Barbara Bash.
Squeaking Bats, by Ruth Berman.
Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon. BCI PICK!
Taking Katy for a Nightride, by Elin Menzies.
Welcome to the World of Bats, by Diane Swanson.
What has Hairy Toes and Squeaks? Little Brown Bat, by Robert Kanner.
What Is a Bat?, by Heather Levigne and Bobbie Kalman.
When I Lived with Bats, by Faith McNulty.
World’s Weirdest Bats, by M. L. Roberts.
Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats, by Ann Earle.
Zoobooks Bats, by Linda C. Wood and Deane Rink. BCI PICK!

Grades 4-6
A Fruit Bat called Angelica, by Sandie Sowler.
Bat (The) , by Nina Leen.
Batman: Exploring the World of Bats, by Laurence P. Pringle. BCI PICK!
Bats, by John E. Becker.
Bats, by Alice Lightner Hopf.
Bats: Swift Shadows in the Twilight, by Ann C. Cooper. BCI PICK!
Bats: The Amazing Upside-Downers, by Phyllis J. Perry.
Bat Watching, by Diane Bair and Pamela Wright. BCI PICK!
Frequently asked Questions about Bats, by Rose Houk.
Frankie the Free-tailed Bat, by Nyta Brown & Patricia Morton.
Hawaiian Bat (The): Ope'ape'a, by Marion Coste.
It Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!, by Jamie Gilson.
Marcelo series (Marcelo, Valentín, Don Sabino, Lucía, Barbarita, and Un Tesoro Inesperado), by
Laura Navarro.
Pippa’s First Summer, by Catherine E. Badgley.
Silverwing trilogy (Silverwing, Sunwing, Firewing), by Kenneth Oppel.
Stokes Beginner’s Guide to Bats, by Kim Williams, Rob Mies, Donald Stokes, & Lillian Stokes.
Those Amazing Bats, by Cheryl M. Halton.

Grades 7-9
Bat in My Pocket: A Memorable Friendship, by Amanda Lollar.
Bat Scientists, by Mary Kay Carson. BCI PICK!
Bat (The): Wings in the Night Sky, by M. Brock Fenton. BCI PICK!
Bats of the World, by Gary L. Graham.

Grades 10-12
America’s Neighborhood Bats, by Merlin D. Tuttle BCI PICK!
Bats, by Phil Richardson. BCI PICK!
Complete Bat, by James Robertson.
Hanging with Bats: Ecobats, Vampires, and Movie Stars, by Karen Taschek.
Vampiro: Vampire Bat in Fact & Fantasy, by David E. Brown.

A Bat Man in the Tropics: Chasing El Duende, by Theodore H. Fleming.
Bat Bomb: World War II’s Other Secret Weapon, by Jack Couffer.
Bats, by M. Brock Fenton. BCI PICK!
Bats in Question, by Don E. Wilson BCI PICK!
Bats of Europe & North America, by Wilfried Schober and Eckard Grimmberger.
Bats of the United States and Canada, by Michael Harvey, Scott Altenbach, and Troy Best.
Dark Banquet, by Bill Schutt.
Do Bats Drink Blood?, by Barbara A. Schmidt-French and Carol A. Butler.
Field Guide to Eastern Bats, by Merlin D. Tuttle & Jim Kennedy.
Rabies in Bats: Natural History and Public Health Implications, by Danny Brass.
Walker’s Bats of the World, by Ronald M. Nowak.
World of Bats, by Klaus Richarz and Alfred Limbrunner. BCI PICK!


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