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A lesser long-nosed bat is in flight to pollinate a saguaro flower.

A pallid bat has captured a katydid.

A portrait of a spotted bat

A portrait of a hoary bat

A portrait of a Mexican long-tongued bat

A portrait of a Peters's ghost-faced bat

A portrait of a Yuma myotis

A portrait of a greater bonneted bat

A small colony of pallid bats roosts in the rafters of a building.

Big brown bats are roosting under a wooden bridge.

Evening bats roost in the rafters of a building.

BCI owns and protects Bracken Cave and is working to develop it as a world-class education and research center.

Mexican free-tailed bats roost inside Bracken Cave near the entrance.

A mother cares for her newborn Mexican free-tailed pup in Bracken Cave near San Antonio, TX.

Mothers and newborn Mexican free-tailed pups roost in the nursery colony at Bracken Cave, near San Antonio, TX.

A Mexican free-tailed bat is in flight.

Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from Bracken Cave near San Antonio, TX.

Southeastern myotis in flight are attacked by a snake on a tree limb.

A hoary bat roosts in a tree.

A mother eastern red bat and her newborn twin pups roost in a tree.

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Our mission is to conserve the world’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet.

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