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Welcome To Our New Website!

BCI is proud to announce the launch of our new website! Its fresh look and user-friendly navigation will make learning about bats and BCI a... Read More

WNS Research Grants

BCI and TNC award $97,000 in WNS Research Grants. Austin, Texas (July 15, 2014) – Bat Conservation International (BCI) and the Tennessee... Read More

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Global Rapid Response: Bats of Magazine Mine. Your help with any of these special needs will directly improve BCI’s ability to protect bats... Read More

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Bat conservation in Costa Rica

Bernal Rodriguez Herrera, a university Professor from Costa Rica, is one of seven winners of this year's Whitley Fund for Nature Awards.

Are You Afraid Of Bats?
Saving Bats to Help Agriculture
Bat conservation in Costa Rica
BatsLIVE Bracken Bat Cave History

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